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Welcome to HardwareCams.Com

Welcome to the largest, private webcam collection of exotic and seductive female hardware ever assembled.
We are a private CO-OP dedicated to the adoration of the hyper-muscular, feminine form.
This collaboration is brought to us by many of our own club members,
some of whose collections span over several years of unwavering dedication to these gorgeous women!

While a member here, we have just three simple rules:

Stay active as a member of the club. We will have frequent updates,
tons of free videos, and new upcoming features to keep you engaged.
Inactive accounts will be purged regularly and repeat offenders will not be welcomed back.

Treat everyone with respect at all times. This includes in the forum, (coming soon), in your video comments,
interacting with other members, or referring to any club member, or model of this website.
Slanderous, inflammatory, or negative comments of any kind may result in account termination.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly. What happens at the hardware store, stays at the hardware store!
We will not tolerate any type of sharing of any of the material on our site. We WILL KNOW if you share,
and you WILL BE BANNED. No questions asked. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT RISK IT!
Losing your rights to be here are not worth the useless popularity you may gain when posting material in a public forum.
If you would like to share something, please share our url and invite them to join us!

If you have questions that are NOT addressed on our FAQ page, or would like to inquire about a model,
please feel free to email us using the NEED MORE HELP tab on our FAQ page. Thank you for joining us!

HWC Staff
Metal Girl
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