Q - Your movie selection is too big! I'm having a difficult time navigating around. Why can't it be better organized?

A - Actually, the site is very well organized. You simply need to learn how to fully utilize its navigation features.

SEARCH BY ORDER. Along the top row of the Movies page, you can click on the links labeled, "New", "Old", "Cheap", "Expensive" and "Random". Random is a great feature that provides you with 50 different movie results each time, almost like a video slot machine!

SEARCH BY PAGE. We have more than just the 50 videos you see on the Movies page! To see more than just the first 50, you can browse by page number by clicking on the "1 2 3 4 5" numbers at the top of the page, or by clicking on the "Next Page" button on the bottom left corner of the Movies page!

USE THE FILTER. When you are on the Movies page, try clicking on the "Filter" button. Filter enables you to precisely navigate to the types of movies you want to see by narrowing your search to the specific category or contributor you specify.

USE THE KEYWORD SEARCH BOX. When you are on the Movies page, try typing in key words in the "Keyword Search" box, like a model's name, or any type of genre you're interested in. Your search results will bring up pages of movies with relevant content! Want to see a girl wearing glasses? Type in "glasses", and all the movies with girls wearing glasses will be displayed. If you have a preference for a blonde or brunette, you can type that in as well. The possibilities are endless!