Q - My movie has video but there is no audio.

A - Although we all prefer to have sound in our videos, these webcams are not a typical video library. This means that unfortunately, not every video has an audio track.

Generally, there are two reasons for this. Sometimes the models choose not to provide sound when performing. This means there simply is no audio track in the video for us to provide. If the model used her microphone, and there is audio there, then the sound is in the video for you.

In rare cases, we here at HardwareCams.Com took it upon ourselves to delete the audio track because content provided to us was unacceptable due to some user error. This would include heavy breathing, communications, or noises commonly associated with activities that the rest of us really have no interest in. Those guilty parties - you know who you are, tighten up on the next round of contributions!

If you purchase a video that has no sound, please accept our apologies, as there is nothing we can do about it. If you would be so kind as to mention in the comment box if a video has no sound, it will let future users know what to expect.

If you purchase a video that contains ANY audio that you feel is inappropriate or unacceptable, please email us so we can remove the audio, or delete the video. If you help us, we will help you. That is how it works here at HardwareCams.Com.