Q: How are movies priced? I see numbers, but no currency shown.

A: Videos are priced in "Tokens", which is a virtual currency you can buy here on this website. Tokens range in price from $0.67 (US) to $1.00 (US) each, depending on the total volume you purchase.

If you purchase the smallest Token package for $25.00 (US), you are provided 25 Tokens. This means each Token is worth $1.00 (US) each. If you purchase the largest Token Package for $400, each Token is worth approximately $0.67 (US), providong you a discount in bulk.

Q: I only want to buy one or two videos like I do on other sites. Can I do this?

A: You are certain to find more than one video on our website that you will enjoy, although there are some movies priced at 25 Tokens each.