Q: I forgot my username or password. What can I do?

A: Email us and let us know what you think your username & password is. We can cross reference your account and provide you with your login information. We will not provide any user logins unless the password you provide us is similar to the actual password on the account. Many times, a lost password is simply a misspelled word. We can also change or correct the spelling of your login at any time you request.

There are other reasons why you may have lost access to your account. An account without a minimum Token purchase for 90 days or more can be deleted for extensive inactivity. However, you can still have access to your previously purchased movies and any leftover token balance on an abandoned account that is reactivated through the steps below:

1) Register a new account. You may use the same login as your old account.
2) Make a minimum Token purchase of $25 or more.
3) Your new Token purchase will automatically be merged with any previous token balance and purchase history from your old account.