Q - My credit card statement shows that you charged me twice. Why?

A - If you used a debit card, your issuing bank will list each attempt to process your card as a charge, even if the credit card was declined. This is known as an "Authorization Hold".

We run all cards using the address you provided with your order. If the address you used does not match the address registered to your card, our credit card processor declines the card. If the card is run a second time and the transaction is successful, your tokens will be issued, but two transactions may show up on your statement.

After several business days, your card's issuing bank will remove any authorization holds, and only one of the charges will remain on your statement.
To prevent this from happening in future, check for any billing address discrepancies on your credit card, and correct them. Any address you provide with an order should exactly match the one on your credit card account.

We delete any personal information after your order is complete. It is used only to verify that you are the authorized user of your credit card.